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TVCC Annual General Meeting - 2012

The 2012 AGM was held at a new venue this year. Energie Liscombe Park is a health club managed by our committee member Jason, and he kindly leant us the use of his facilities for the day. It was certainly a lovely location, and anyone wanting to do a bit of keep-fit was in their element!

The day went well, with the usual raffle and photo competition raising £55 and £21.50 respectively, so many thanks to everyone who attended, and thanks to Jason for the use of his facilities and the endless cups of tea!

Also at the AGM we agreed some minor changes to our Club Rules. The changes agreed were (a) the introduction of a Junior membership class, (b) clarification about membership being carried forward to the following year for those joining near the end of the year, and (c) clarification about the acceptance of new members, including those joining via our online application form. We decided to keep the size of the Committee at 12 for the time being.

See our downloads page for a copy of the new rules.

The winning entries from the photo competition are shown below (best viewed using a CSS3 compatable browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari).

TVCC AGM Photo Competition - winners!

Class 1 - Turkish Cats
- won by Kathy McLeod
Class 3 - Other Breeds & Non-peds
- won by Ben Baker
Class 4 - Cats & Their Friends
- won by Alan Baker
Class 5 - Comic Cats
- won by Michelle Whiting
Class 2 - Turkish Kittens
- won by Michelle Whiting


Other topics covered at the AGM included the updating of this website, which the club now has full control over, along with administration of its domain name, and the facility to make payments online via PayPal (which many members have already taken advantage of). Many thanks to Marca Owen for her help in keeping the site alive over the last year or so.

It was also mentioned that the club also has a Facebook group now, so look for "Turkish Van Cat Club" in the list of groups!

See elsewhere on this website for the current Committee Members list, and thier roles.